The War is Over!

technical-difficultiesDear Readers~  A couple of years ago we took a hard hit here on the site. We got railroaded out of our old faithful web address: 


 Our very own technical director and Web site “ace” (The Magical Spice Bunny) has beaten the thwarters to the curb and we are back! (They tried to pimp our site on the net for thousands and finally, they were beaten down).

Unfortunately……this means we’ll be down for a few days for conversion……………………     index but upon our return, you can reach us at the old, or the sorta new address —– both! I know! How does she do it?

So puhlease………”bare” with us (snerk) while we adapt…    that’s what it’s always been about, right?

Like the tree blown by the wind, we bend, we adapt.

Like the tree blown by the wind, we bend, we adapt.

In the meantime, you can order direct from NOOK and Amazon, and keep your Jones’ at bay on our FB page, filled with book excerpts and all sorts of current articles on Recovery! Here’s the link:

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