Happy Easter A. Messenger Blog Readers!

As the flowers of Spring bloom, so may the joy in your life.
As the flowers of Spring bloom, so may the joy in your life.

And everybody else as well.

Cue Music: Judy Garland Fred Astaire: 1948 Easter Parade Final Scene

I had BIG PLANS for a Holiday Post but instead, ( and I know you’re thrilled about it ) you get this amusing East Card, Egg Blowing Technique ( fun beyond your wildest dreams – just like they promised – hee-hee ) and a swell Easter Egg Game that will keep you, your candy basket and tea busy for hours – ‘why,…you could even have a tournament”!

YA GOTTA PLAY THE EGG GAME!!! I’m on level 10!!!! Let me know if you’re an “EGG ACE” in the comments .

19 April 2014

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Comments on Unity-FM Radio Guest Shot 02/14

Earlier this year I did a guest shot with Dr. Anna Shouse, UNITY-FM’s “Spirit of Recovery Host”

(Here’s the link to the Show’s archives if you’d like to listen: http://www.unity.fm/program/SpiritOfRecovery – Feb 25th, 2014).

Now, for a comment on my last book and the show by a listener that day:

“I enjoyed today in hearing about the patterns of those being willing to “stay in the Center of the Herd”. I believe that ” the community saved my life —as I have appreciated that spirituality can be discovered in solitude by reading, thinking, meditating but can only be fulfilled in community and nurtured by shared hope and vision and also In experiencing relationships of mutuality. So many wonderful realizations were in conversation today, especially enjoyed the interjection of totems to express our spiritual journey and their meanings as we walk this path. Very meaningful to me to have ended the discussion with what I believe the guest gleaned from his interview of the long-timers, regarding gratitude. I deeply resonated with this awareness. I do believe that in time there is a change in awareness of gratitude as a feeling into a way of seeing that has brought a different understanding of Gift. Remembering what it was like without the “gift” Think and Thank…As always thank you Spirit of Recovery for your dedication to recovery and your interesting guest. I look forward to exploring this book and sharing the wisdom with others.”

Both of my awarded books can be purchased in KINDLE – NOOK and signed softback from my website: http://www.livingtwelvestepsrecovery.com/buy.html

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The 4th Step: We Acknowledge Our Defects


In November of 2010, my first book was released to the Global World of Recovery and my fellow suffering Alcoholics and Addicts; those who choose 12Step Spirituality to aid their resolve as they live One Day at a Time with their past drugging, drinking and behavioral habits now in remission…. behind them.
It’s currently being read in softback, KINDLE+NOOK, distributed in 5 countries around the world. Here is a reading:



April 7

We Acknowledge Our Defects

Like the fabled Albatross, our defects of Pride, Anger, Fear and Self-Pity demanded our accountability of them as patterns in our lives. We needed to chart them before we could sail on through our lifetimes of confusion.

Like the fabled Albatross, our defects of Pride, Anger, Fear and Self-Pity demanded our accountability of them as patterns in our lives. We needed to chart them before we could sail on through our lifetimes of confusion.

Though there are probably others, a justification we clutch at in
avoiding our moral assessment is the behavior of OTHER people. Surely they are the ones who need a moral inventory… not us! We believe our present troubles, anxieties, and defects of character only exist because THEIR actions made us resort to those reactions in defense.

We’re sure that if these people would only treat us better, we would certainly be all right. Wasn’t that a good enough reason to justify our righteous indignation? Weren’t our resentments really the “right kind”? We aren’t the guilty ones—they are!

On the other hand, is it possible that our instinctive emotional
inclinations: fear, depression and pride, as well as self-pity and its guardian — self-righteousness — rained down on us like a gale force  windstorm when we drugged, drank and acted out our addictions? Combined with our anger and resentments, these likely form the nucleus of our character disorders.

*see the other award winning book by A. Messenger:


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