What the Sam Hell Happened?

I’m tellin ya —- we had the best of intentions!

Even now things are still working like a clean-water bath in a freshly fracked American farm. Put that lighter down! 🙂 images

My “Mighty-Mighty” Spice Bunny Web-Tech and I took a gamble —– and lost! The idea was to ‘gass frack” W1+1 Web Host (Google it and you’ll see what a bunch of hooligans we have there) who had our domain name — may they rot in hell for all time,…”Ptooie”! They had totally jacked our annual fees, (without notice, of course) and we Goo-gled them. Seems they had gotten a “righteously bad-rep for screwing everyone,–all the time”– and some bloggers were talking plastic explosives. ( As we are patient, tolerant, kind, thrifty , brave, clean and reverent —- it was NOT US —- of course ). 1150363_10200600259585322_471522883_n We know that you knew that about us, thanks.

What does this have to do with recovery, the 12 steps or anything spiritual? NOTHIN! But,.. like,… we gotta start somewhere to get this knot out of our underwear 🙂

Now back to the story. The plan was to let the domain expire and then pick it up after they let it go when our account fizzled as we purposefully let the “card” expire so they couldn’t honk us. We were ringing our hands in clever anticipation when ( Emergency alarm sounds ) they skinned the poke (pickpocket lingo). We got that no Vaseline, urgent ruthless surging feeling right away. They had prearranged (maybe) for one of their NAZI German web-site goons to buy it cheap and when we inquired, they marked it up $250.00 in the buy-back price they offered us. We were soooooo *ucked, and then had to wait, getting a whole new carrier and site. This took weeks and you, our darlingest readers were left like waifs on the street corner without our meandering non-intelligible guidance to confuse you. (I know, we felt the very same way).

BUTT———-using our recovery skills of patience and tolerance, ( like we had any choice) we waited it out and here we are, (“But there ya go,….lesson learned,” — as Daniel Craig’s James Bond would say ) and we’re back on the job. Reporting for “dooty” (SNERK!).  Okay.!There have been some slightly grave emotional and mental disorders along the path, and I think that you’re probably going to see 114461_533693glitches in punctuation and formatting. (These are just carryovers from not resorting to Prozac or Xanax), but in a discretionary manner.

The web-site is now the same except we morphed into a .org leaving our .com distinction. So here’s your link to that, (please tell everyone to Google it at least a dozen times a day)  http://www.livingtwelvestepsrecovery.com/  BOOKMARK THEM! Here’s the blog link as well:  http://www.livingtwelvestepsrecovery.com/blog/?p=1400 see me on Facebook,: https://www.facebook.com/arthur.messengerhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Living-the-12-Steps-of-Recovery-One-Day-at-a-Time/114891618573347 InTheRooms.com,and @amessenger349 “Tweet-osphere” for notices of intelligence in the not to distant future. We’re gonna need some meditation, a couple of hot showers, a nap and some cookies and milk ( this as opposed to the eight-ball and 1/2 gallon therapy which we gave up and URGE you to as well.

Ohhhhhh yeah. I forgot, music on the way out the door — and if it sounds like David Byrne and The Talking Heads – that’s because she’s related 🙂 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVAxUMuhz98