Working on Readiness: Attitude is the App!

The Sixth Step: “We were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.”

“Get Ready”

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June 21
When Entirely Ready We Do Not Delay

If we are to acquire any real advantage in the use of Step Six with respect to attitudes and habitual problems other than alcohol and drugs, we’ll need to make a brand new venture into open-mindedness. Raising our sights toward perfection, we aim in that direction though seldom will it matter how haltingly we get there. The only question Step Six imposes is “Are we ready to try our level best?”

As we look at the list of those lesser defects that we have compiled,we ought to consider erasing the hard-and-fast lines that we have drawn. In an effort to do this, we may be obliged to say, “This I cannot give up…yet,” but we need to be sure not to say, “This I will never give up.”

Now, let’s dispense with what appears to be a hazardous open end we’ve left unclosed. It has been suggested that we ought to be entirely willing to aim toward perfection. We noted that some delay in doing so might be pardoned. The words delayed and pardoned could certainly become long term in meaning when pondered by the mind of a rationalizing addict/alcoholic. They think, “How very easy! Sure, I’ll head toward perfection, but I’m certainly not going to hurry any. Maybe I can postpone dealing with some of my problems indefinitely.” Of course this won’t do. It would be further procrastination of those on which we cannot afford to delay.


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