Happy Easter 2013

How about a Classic Gene Autry Easter Ballad:

Now a truly beautiful Classic Easter Card for all of my readers:

Happy Easter Everyone!

Jacquie Lawson

29 March 2013

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Dispelling the DRAMA Addiction

If you haven’t made TheDailyOhm.com a regular on your incoming email, here is yet another spiritual lesson they’ve taught me, making me happy to have their counsel and wise insight into life’s ambiguities.

Alive in Joy
Dispelling Drama

by Madisyn Taylor


Some people are so used to creating drama that a peaceful existence seems uncomfortable for them.

There are scores of people in the world who seem to be magnets for calamity. They live their lives jumping from one difficulty to the next, surrounded by unstable individuals. Some believe themselves victims of fate and decry a universe they regard as malevolent. Others view their chaotic circumstances as just punishments for some failing within. Yet, in truth, neither group has been fated or consigned to suffer. They are likely unconsciously drawing drama into their lives, attracting catastrophe through their choices, attitudes, and patterns of thought. Drama, however disastrous, can be exciting and stimulating. But the thrill of pandemonium eventually begins to frustrate the soul and drain the energy of all who embrace it. To halt this process, we must understand the root of our drama addiction, be aware of our reactions, and be willing to accept that a serene, joyful life need not be a boring one.

Many people, so used to living in the dramatic world they create, feel uncomfortable when confronted with the prospect of a lifetime of peace and contentment. The drama in their lives serves multiple purposes. Upset causes excitement, prompting the body to manufacture adrenaline, which produces a pleasurable surge of energy. For those seeking affection in the form of sympathy, drama forms the basis of their identity as a victim. And when drama is familial, many people believe they can avoid abandonment by continuing to play a key role in the established family dynamic. The addiction to drama is fed by the intensity of the feelings evoked during bouts of conflict, periods of uncertainty, and upheaval.

Understanding where the subconscious need for drama stems from is the key to addressing it effectively. Journaling can help you transfer this need from your mind onto a benign piece of paper. After repeated writing sessions, your feelings regarding the mayhem, hurt feelings, and confusion often associated with drama become clear. When you confront your emotional response to drama and the purpose it serves in your life, you can reject it. Each time you consciously choose not to take part in dramatic situations or associate with dramatic people, you create space in your inner being that is filled with a calm and tranquil stillness and becomes an asset in your quest to lead a more centered life.

The Story Behind the Stories

“Tales from the Center of the Herd – Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra”Short stories of Long Term Sobriety & Recovery is my latest book, released earlier this month to solid reviews and subscribers on my website:      http://www.livingtwelvestepsrecovery.com/talesBook.html                                                   as well as on KINDLE at Amazon.com:    http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00BI1CT7W/

Just pop either one of those links to take a look and get a hook-up to the BEST DEAL I’VE EVER MADE. I’m not kidding or patronizing you; I want to carry the message of recovery to all those who struggle… or just want quality entertainment in reading. You can go to amazon KINDLE and borrow either of my books for FREE through May of 2013.


Now the story behind the stories. I was the Associate Editor of my regional AA Central Office monthly newsletter and my editor and I were both tired of seeing the same old funding and committee reports. People might’ve just lined their bird cages with them after a quick scan. We decided to actually do something! Sooooooo — I began attending meetings and searching out people with strong story telling skills and an interesting saga combined with a grasp of the principles plus a quiet but study faith of their own choosing.

As I first approached many of them, they got lost in some misdirected antiquated non-progressive interpretation of the 6th Tradition ( and blah-blah-blah ) and many initially said they would like to,……but,….   Then finally, they gave in.

The work became so popular that people started referring to our “Interviews With Old-timers” as their favorite feature and the subscriptions went skyrocketing, paying its own way and making a profit to donate to the office general fund.

I was having great fun. I would invite the interviewed over for tea on my deck and record the whole thing on a nondescript little digital machine, then sort it out into about an average of 1,000 word editions ( Okay, I ran over now and then :)  transcribing them (like sorting out a double deck of playing cards) into the stories contained in the book, but they didn’t start there. There’s more.

The Grapevine, AA’s GSO Magazine in NYC was where I wanted them to go, but oddly enough, when I talked to the editor, they had conceived there own idea ( which I learned later may have come from someone on my coastline who read the originals). It was to be called “Interviews With Those with more than 50 Years”. It flopped in about three months.  Meanwhile, the locals took my local stories and voted them into the archives.

My editor and I both moved out of the medium because some typical, do nothing whine and bitch disgruntled servant complained that the stories were getting to much attention. “I’m sure you’ve seen this type in your own time and way,…….giving us both a huge lesson in the virtues of Patience and Tolerance,………….and counting to ten,….okay maybe a hundred,….okay,….just walking away.”

Many readers asked about putting them into a collection and now, almost ten years later,…here we are. BUT —- I wanted to add something more to these exceptional recovery adventures, some the people have moved on into that next dimension so there stories live on here only.

It occurred to me that many people across our world identify with the legends and powers of Spirit Animals — the Zebra, the Lion, the Owl and Elephant, and our most beloved butterfly, who’s metamorphosis is so much like the rise of the soul in recovery from their cocoon of addiction to a life of love and spirituality on the wings of a Phoenix. So I added them, their legends and pictures. Here’s one I seriously thought of including, but it ended up on the editor’s cut. I still love this Snow Owl, a symbol of perception, wisdom and rock solid determination. As if the expression in it’s eyes speaks: “to thine own self be true”!



One more thing for you all, a little gift. A peek into the pages with an excerpt:Still need to see some more? Go to Amazon KINDLE and sample the book for free. If you want a signed original go to my website, order through pay-pal and let me know what you’d like for an inscription.  In closing my favorite line from Jan & Fran P.’s story, a quote from his wonderful words of poetic wisdom:


“We tend to forget in times of reversal,

That life without risk is endless rehearsal.”

Fran P. 1998




Turning it Over to Our Understanding

Here’s a reading from ” Living the 12 Steps of Recovery – One Day at a Time “, daily classical revival readings on Step III.
In Our Renaissance We Pray
When we sincerely took this new position, all sorts of remarkable
things followed. With our trusted director being all powerful, He
provided what we needed if we kept close to Him and performed His
work well.
As we have less interest in ourselves and our little plans, we became
curious as to what we could contribute in this life. Feeling power in
the consciousness of His presence, enjoying peace and in discovering
that we can face life successfully, we lose our fear of today, tomorrow,
and the hereafter.
We are now at Step Three and so we pray:
God—I offer myself to Thee—to build with me and do with me
as thou wilt. Relieve me of the bondage of self, that I may better
do Thy will. Take away my difficulties, that victory over them may
bear witness to those I would help with Thy Power, Thy Love, and
Thy Way of life. May I do Thy will always!
—Alcoholics Anonymous, third edition, p. 63


No Beer nor Whiskey Shell I Swill!

Tis a fine day to be Irish or feelin IRISH. But never’s the day I’ll hope to be drunk or stoned again on this fine St. Pat’s Day.

So what the Hell’s to be done without yer Guiness or yer Jamison’s, yer Bushmill’s – if ye be Orange? Does it mean ya can’t kiss the Colleen’s one and all nor pinch their delightful little bums (better be good at duckin if ya go this far) Is it that ‘cha can’t slice a boiled joint of beef, spike the taters, parsnips and dollup up the old Cull-canon (potatoes mashed with parsnips and scallions) with a modicum of butter – nor dye yer 7-Up or Mountain Dew or have a tall Lime Punch (no spikin’ mind ya)? Tis shure that you can be doin all of it for tis clean and sober fun

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to each one of you,                       May the sun shine down upon your face,                      May yer wind break fair and true 🙂                                May yer ears hear IRISH melodies as dance you all day through!

Scanned fer the Viruses I has and tis clean!

Jacquie Lawson
15 March 2013

Dear Friends of the Blog~
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Jacquie Lawson

Being Alone is Different from Being Lonely

When I find Spirituality in the work of others that I feel compelled to share with you, I bring it over as a guest post.

Lately, I have been attracted to the tremendous work of other writers and authors, so here is a post from my old friends, TheDailyOhm.com on their insight into the use of solitude to foster balance and stimulate creativity:

“Being alone is different from being lonely”.

 From Top 10 Habits of Highly Creative People On-Line Course

by Vivien McKnight

The following is an excerpt from the “Top 10 Habits of Highly Creative People” on-line course. If you would like to enroll in the course, click here.

“In order to be open to creativity, one must have the capacity for constructive use of solitude. One must overcome the fear of being alone.”
~ Rollo May

Be silent so that life can speak to you. Silence can be delightful and extremely powerful if you just give it a chance. All artists spend a great deal of time in their own company working in isolation. Solitary time is fundamental to being creative. If you want to unlock your creative self you will need to get used to spending time with yourself. Many people feel that they must be surrounded by others twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. They feel they aren’t alive unless they are surrounded by noise and constant activity.

But spending time alone is one of the best ways of giving your unconscious mind access to your conscious mind. Creativity thrives in solitude because here you can listen to your thoughts, go deep inside yourself and focus on the here and now. But don’t confuse “being alone” with “being lonely.” They are two very different states and provoke different emotions. In solitude you begin to connect with whatever it is you need to achieve. You can become one hundred per cent absorbed in what you are doing, lost in your element. Time alone allows you to experiment, to fail and to succeed. You are not on view; that comes later, so in your quiet time you can peacefully organize your thoughts and make sense of experiences. For many artists it is the time when they feel totally alive.

A word of warning. Beware of too much isolation. It’s important to balance being alone and being in company since too much time alone is not healthy either. It can make you vulnerable to self-doubts, anxiety, even depression, and leads to a lack of knowledge about what is happening in the world around. Workaholics often come from the ranks of those who spend too much time alone. Balance is everything. A successful creative life depends on spending time by yourself and so if you can’t stand the idea of being alone, you will need to build up the time you spend in solitary activity. You will also need to find a suitable place. Then start with five minutes alone. Most people can manage that! Sit and do nothing. Let your mind go where it wants to and then start to focus on the thoughts and ideas that come into your conscious. Try to work up to a more realistic amount of solo time and begin to take note of the interesting thoughts, words and pictures that start to pass through int! o your conscious mind in these tranquil moments.

Once you understand the beauty of silence and solitary time, you will seek it out. If you take a solitary walk you get a chance to look at colours, watch birds and animals, observe how a leaf spirals on its way from tree to

My Bird of Paradise flowering in my Office Solarium – Singing Spring


Activity 1: Go to a place where you can be alone. Decide how much time you will spend there in thought. Be sure to have pen and paper to hand to record your thoughts and ideas immediately after the session.

Activity 2: Think about what might prevent you from spending time alone? How can you overcome this?

Activity 3: This exercise is not a meditation which asks you to empty your mind. It is quite the opposite. This exercise asks you to sit quietly and alone and let your thoughts flow freely. While sitting alone start to scan the thoughts that come into your mind and pounce on those which could be useful.

Activity 4: What might you do to reward yourself for time spent alone? Call a friend, take a bubble bath, go for a long walk with your dog or your children, have a cup of tea with your partner, take your motorbike to bits again.

“The mind is sharper and keener in seclusion and uninterrupted solitude. Be alone – that is the secret of invention; be alone, that is when ideas are born.”
~ Nikola Tesla

Annunciation: A mantra is a phrase we repeat quietly over and over again, reaching for its spiritual understanding:

“I am not lonely when I am alone. I am with myself.”

Anxiety and Panic Attacks in Recovery


We ALL go through mental, physical, emotional and spiritual phases of development in our recovery. Check out the above link for a discussion on panic, anxiety and some good and bad ways to deal with it.

Thanks to the FIX magazine for their contribution here today.

“Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra”

Author Arthur Messenger signs books at the N.W.P.O.E. Event, Mirabeau Park Hotel, March 8-10th. Over 100 new readers stopped by to pick-up their signed copies of “Tales From the Center of the Herd” available in e-Book from KINDLE for FREE ( along with “Living the 12 Steps of Recovery” – Book #1 ) on the Prime Lender Program. NOW you can get either one in signed softback on the website, shipped anywhere (we do international ) via USPS! http://www.livingtwelvestepsrecovery.com/talesBook.html


Northwest Pockets of Enthusiasm 3-8/10 Mirabeau Park Hotel – Spokane, Valley Washington – Author Signing & Release Event

Dear Readers, This was a lot of fun and a major long push. There were funny situations, the usual skeptics and con-descenders and some very spiritual unions and reunions. More coming soon in the next edition of my Blog: Living in the Realm of Recovery, in the next few days.

Wishing you all the best of contentment: joy in your continued lives of recovery! Arthur


Book Release + Signing Event! March 9th – 10th!

Day #2 of the signing event. Yesterday dozens of new readers bought signed copies of both books and entered the drawing for a FREE SET. Many Happy Hugs were shared with the Author, as faces in recovery who had been using the 1st Book to fortify their spiritual balance dropped by to say hello and pick up copies of the new book:

If you’re not in the area and want your own copy of either book on KINDLE, where you can borrow it free on a PRIME TRIAL go to:


Author Arthur Messenger will introduce and sign his new work: “Tales From the Center of the Herd – Once a Zebra, Always a Zebra at NW Pockets of Enthusiasm’s Recovery Event, March 8-10 At Mirabeau Park Hotel, Spokane Valley, Wa. See this link for complete information: http://www.nwpockets.org/ Arthur will sign both of his books, offered for sale at the event.Come and say hello to the award winning author!