UNITY: Our First Tradition

People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

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Why do we need to be unified?

Whether we’re amidst the fellowships of AA or NA, we all stand united in a wide-world of recovery. Our primary purpose? Living clean and sober and carrying the message of “a way out” to others that still suffer.

In order to do that, we call our First Tradition to bear:

“Our common welfare should come first; personal recovery depends on Unity.”


Tradition One requires the acquisition and practice of seemingly new-found virtues: Patience and Tolerance. We’ll be making an effort to practice the three elements of recovery: Honesty – Open-mindedness – Willingness. In Honesty, we understand we need the bond between us to maintain our personal recovery. In open-mindedness, we accept that there are others with insights and interpretations of recovery that differ from our own, but as they have given us their quiet ear, so we should them. In willingness – we bite our tongues when tempted to interrupt,argue with and refute others, making concessions for the good of the group’s survival. This is the reality of living in Unity.

Here is today’s Meditation on the subject of Unity from

January 29
Peace and Harmony Ought to Be Preserved

The quest for our peace and harmony can neither be stalemated, nor relegated to second position, so we often resort to the discussion of how we can commonly live and work well together. It is in this dialogue that we produce the demeanor for our foremost need: unity.
We adhere to the same established group order in our meetings,
as the right of the individual to be heard without interruption is respected.
All of us should be given an equal chance to speak and listen.
The individual, growing in sobriety, comes to know patience and
tolerance in listening and sharing; these are our spiritual principles as they assist our effort to preserve unity amongst ourselves.
Extending our hands in Twelve Step Fellowship allows us to escape
our clamoring egos and provides us with an exercise. It is found in the spiritual axiom of unity: cooperation.
This does not mean we should ignore our principles or opinions,
but suggests that for the ultimate good of all, from time to time we
may make concessions, preserving our harmony.


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