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The Beatles – HELP!

This week there are 31,000 readers!

Looking back to when I began this work over a year ago,
and some 40ish posts, I examine my primary motivations –
Carry the Message? Yes. Attract attention to the book –
without a doubt. Have a venue to express myself without an editor but my readers? Emphatic Yes!

“ART FOR ART’S SAKE, MONEY FOR GOD’S SAKE” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As a self-publisher, you have to get “Merlin Creative” to
introduce your work to a world audience that is absolute-
ly inundated with advertising messages. You have your
website, the social networks, blogging, e-mail blasts (as
effective as banging garbage can lids together on a crowd
-ed free way of information) and the classic one-on-one.

No Big Box Book Stores or Super-Grocery and Departments;
they won’t even touch you without their corporate tith-
ing along the way, usually 60% or more.

Then How Do You Make It Work?

You go to your readers and ask for their help. No fancy pleadings about “ending-it-all unless…..” No long drawn out explanations of costs, time, keeping the voice alive.

Just the simple request for help – and that means donations. I’m asking you. I can take more time to entertain and inform you about recovery and my slant on it’s world, but I have to subsist – eat – pay my damn bills!

I have been 100% out of pocket and I’m 98% OUT OF POCKETS!

If you’re a financially independent with an opportunity to support this effort – I need you. But more likely, if you can scrape and donate a dollar, five, ten, twenty-five, whatever,…….. I am grateful for your help, because I need it. There’s a global recession on and people I’m feelin’ it!


Let Pay-Pal guide you through the rest using your credit card or some other method. It probably isn’t deductible, because I am not a charity. I am the author of this blog, asking for your help and nothing more.  For that which you are able to provide, my most genuine thanks. Arthur Messenger

“That for which you ask and truly believe, so it shall be yours.

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