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Tune-in on November 22nd, UNITY.FM’s “Spirit of Recovery” with Author – Arthur Messenger – “Living the 12 Steps of Recovery”  and Rev. Anna Shouse at 2pm (P) 4pm (C) and 5pm (E).

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Spirit of Recovery with Rev. Anna Shouse
Episode: If It’s Not in My Day, It’s Not in My LifeTalk, talk, talk—will get you nowhere. Our lives get better when we actually live our spirituality. Guest and author Arthur Messenger helps us put the power of Spirit into action each day. His book Living the 12 Steps of Recovery wakes up a new sense of what is possible in recovery.  Find out more about Arthur at

Veteran’s Day at Arlington 11-11-11

         Veteran’s Day at Arlington




Veteran’s Day Wreath Presentation by POTUS at Arlington


I am a United States Air Force Veteran from the Viet-Nam Era Conflict. I served only stateside, but 50,000 Americans died in that “conflict” so-named as Lydon Johnson never declared it a war to circumvent the congressional declaration, which would have required debate that might have brought it to another resolution.

The first death in that war from my city was a Marine by the name of Walter Piper – Walt was the singer in my band. I remember him today and his tremendous front-man talent,  doing James Brown’s “Poppa’s Got a Brand New Bag.” He could moonwalk like the master.

Walt, like the rest of those brave Americans who gave their lives and were permanently injured, was sold a bill of goods that he was protecting our country from Communism. Instead, we all know that it was nothing more than the same motivation that is being sold to them now in IRAQ and Afghanistan and as we speak IRAN.

But “Oh Yes”! Things have changed. Instead of 50,000 deaths we have 9,000 (both occupations) and maybe 50K in “half-deaths,” which are even worse. We’ve sent these brave men and women, all volunteers to have their limbs blown-off, coming home to a life of agony and adjustment that will last forever. We have seen the permanent psychological damage that has led to the highest ever suicide rates. And for what? Oil.

Was it all because of 9-11 and our quest to get Osama bin Ladin and al Qaeda? No, it was to serve the same wretched American Military Industrial Financial Complex that General and President David Eisenhower warned us against. Always using their propaganda of fear mongering lies to intimidate and manipulate the human consent of America; always calling those who dissent against their disgraceful war profiteering as unpatriotic. They’ve Brought us to dishonor with torture, civilian manslaughter called collateral damage, sick treatment of POWs in IRAQI Prisons and a perpetual prison in Guantanamo, completely in opposition of our legal due process standards.

But today it is our duty to honor these brave Americans who have given so much, believing that they defended our countries freedom and honor, just as those who did so in WWII, the just war that all supported and gave for to save the world from tyranny.

For the Revolution, the War of 1812, Korea, Iwo-jima, Pearl Harbor; for Pork Chop Hill for IRAQ and Afghanistan, we dedicate this day to all those who served, giving their years, their lives and spirits, in a moment of our endless love for, and pride in them – our America Service Persons – whose lives and spirits continue to define our community: “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

God Bless our Soldiers and the United States of America. May we be inspired by them to find the courage to do battle with the Corporate Tyranny that is now trying to destroy it.

If you didn’t see it, here’s President Obama’s Address:

Obama Vet\’s Day 11-11-11

A. Messenger Unity.FM Radio Interview 11-22-2011

It’s Official! An hour-long interview with Rev. Anna Shouse and author Arthur Messenger

*11-22-2011 2pm Pacific (Daylight) 5pm Eastern, 4pm Central and 1pm Mountain

Mark this on your calender and set aside an hour for a discussion about the book: “Living the 12 Steps of Recovery – One Day at a Time – As It Was in the Beginning,” as well as talk about Spirituality and Recovery. Here’s the link:

Just go to the page and click on the listen button on the right side. You’re in and on. 

Here’s a little bit about Anna and the show. She’ll be taking emails and calls live to ask us questions during broadcast.

Spirit of Recovery is the place where spirituality and recovery meet—where we support YOUR spiritual growth in recovery. This program offers a virtual community for people in recovery from addiction of any kind, for family members, and for everyone who wants to learn more about the process of recovery.

Every week we talk about topics that are important to the recovery community with guests who are in recovery themselves or who work with recovering people. We bring you practical information you can use and lively discussions to get you thinking. During each episode, we ask our listeners to send in titles of the great stuff they’re reading so we can pass them along. And of course we’ve got recovery humor.

Spirit of Recovery is a great place to be part of the discussion about spirituality and recovery. It’s a community committed to lifelong recovery, authentic spiritual growth and joyful service. And it’s open to all.

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