First Anniversary of Publishing 10-6-2011

Happy Anniversary

Happy lst Anniversary: "Living the 12 Steps of Recovery" October 6th 2011


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“Living the 12 Steps of Recovery” celebrates it’s first anniversary”


On October 6th, 2010 I stood in my garage watching the truck-driver unloaded the first pallet of 1,000 books. I was broke, in debt, not knowing whether to be joyful or seriously afraid. It was some of both.
I had no publisher but myself, with no experience but my own little one book company: Wing & A Prayer Publishing. I thought in that moment: “Well, at least I can count on an open-minded fair exposure to the fellowship of AA, because I was carrying the message”! I had spent six years organizing the principles, concepts and history into daily meditations on the Steps & Traditions, with steady positive periodic reviews. There were, however some eye-opening surprises in store for me.
Mine was NOT a book of my recovery experience, but a classical revival of our near 80 year old principles in monthly rotation. It was to be as if an old and loved pair of shoes had been to the cobbler for “re-souling” and buffing, coming out just like new with nearly a dozen AA’s and big-time editors in the Chicago Style Manual reviewing, chopping and chirping it up and down.
But first, I had original drawings, which AAWS in NYC didn’t like, even though they had progressed in anonymity to using video themselves. Fortunately for me, the Copyright Administration ruled that drawings, as conceptions of the artists eye, were considered anonymous. I finally, with a heavy heart had to tell them I couldn’t work with them and was moving on. The same re-action, one of narrow-mindedness, was typical in my own fellowship’s community, at first. They shunned the work with the same old worn out criticisms: I was trying to re-write the Big Book, which couldn’t be farther from the truth(before they even cracked the cover). But I had my loyal band of supporters and they were growing.
Then I submitted it to ITR and with RT and the gangs review was selected for BOTM for March 2011. The community here and now worldwide, has opened their arms to the work, with many very positive reviews amongst the first 1,000 readers. The others all want to now if it’s conference approved, which it was entered into in Area 92 of Eastern Washington last January.
Today, this addition to any recovering person’s reading room has made it’s way to Canada, 20 US States, AU, UK, and Europe as well as South Africa. The readership grows a little each week, as I didn’t take the Big Box Publishing approach, even after being considered by AAWS and Hazleden.
I know that there are those of you reading who have it and refer to it everyday as I do myself, keeping the principles alive in your mindful attitude of recovery. Here then, is today’s reading on the Tenth Step, for all those who have not yet gotten a copy.

October 6
Reviewing Our Assets and Liabilities
Whether our lives bring fair weather or foul, we attempt to put our
A.A. way of life to practical use on a day-by-day basis. The time has
come for the acid test: Can we stay sober, maintain our emotional balance,
and live to good purpose under any and all conditions?
Part of our system for achieving those goals involves continuous
viewing of our assets and liabilities while acquiring a real desire to
adapt to these means. We have found this attitude is a necessity for
us all.
When we were drunks, we could not live well after awakening with
a terrific hangover from yesterday’s heavy drinking. Whether we are
drinking or not, there is another kind of hangover that we will all
experience at some point. It can become nearly as obsessive as our
penchant for the drink. We find it in the results of past and present
excesses of negative emotions, all brought to bear by anger, fear, jealousy,
and the like. Any chance of living in serenity today and in all our
tomorrows will hinge upon efforts to rid ourselves of these spiritual
Don’t get the wrong idea. This does not mean we should wander
morbidly about in our past. It requires a review of our assets and liabilities
and an admission and correction of errors, as we live in the

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