Our Ninth Tradition: We Ought Never be TOO Organized

In The Midst of Angels

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Now,…..a reading from the book on The Ninth Tradition: “A.A. as such ought never be organized; but we may create service boards or committees directly responsible to those they serve.”

September 24
What’s Been Tried in the Past

In our past experience groups have tried to expel members, but having
been banished they come back to sit in the meeting again saying,
“We have as much right here as anyone else. Without this fellowship
we could die. You can’t keep us out.” We agree with them.
There have been committees, too, who have flat-out told a member
to stop working with a chronic backslider who looked hopeless, only
to be told: “If I decide to continue with my Twelfth-Step work it is
my own business. You have no right to judge me.”
We have found this doesn’t mean our members will not take advice
from others, but they will not take orders. The old-timer A.A., acting
so full of wisdom, couldn’t be any more unpopular when they move
to another area and try to tell a group how to run its own business.
Others like them act similarly when they offer what they see to be the
good of A.A. They frequently meet with stubborn resistance or even
Any attempt to set the standards based upon their experience as
opposed to suggesting, would be to try and install the very organization that the Nnith Tradition observes we should never be brought to.