Living the 12 Steps of Recovery Becomes I.T.R.’s Book of The Month for March 2011

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Get your copy signed from the lst non-bar coded limited edition issue at:

Six years in the making, Wing & a Prayer Publishing released the book: “Living the 12 Steps of Recovery”, by A. Messenger, in November 2010. This 464 page work contains daily essays, in a classic revival of the principles of recovery: “The Twelve Steps and Traditions,” now nearly 75 years since their inception. With conservative modernization, the language, format and style are reminiscent of the original understandings introduced throughout AAWS literature, holding true to their spiritual principles and suggestions. The manuscript was submitted for review in 2007.

There are twelve original drawings depicting people in spiritual contemplation of the forthcoming steps chapter and each section ends with a blank page for notes and personal journaling. In addition, there are two appendices on the historical approaches and contemporary insights on the practices of Prayer and Meditation; the skill set that so many members of multiple fellowships work to strengthen their resolve in seeking the courage to change aided through conscious contact.

“Living the 12 Steps of Recovery” has been submitted to the Group Consciences of Area 92, in the Conference Approval Process, with co-ordination through GSO in NYC.

The original printing has no bar codes in its limited 500 copy edition, making them a collector’s item, available signed if desired, by the author.

The Book will be exhibited at the Northwest Pockets of Enthusiasm, March 11-13 at the Mirabeau Park Hotel in Spokane Valley, Washington, where the author will be available for discussion and signing.

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