An Excerpt From the Book on Step II

February 8
Faith by Intuition
Intuition is our untaught knowledge. Though not infallible, it is our
direct spiritual perception; some call it the unspoken language of true
feelings. Our moral values and duties can be discerned through it, and
perhaps so can faith. It does not seem to be attainable through normal
rational thought or the logic of deduction.
The essence of spirituality comes from our intangible selves, not
in our physical nature or its five senses. Our conscious thoughts and
emotions can originate or be influenced by our spirits, a different part
of our persona that is beyond the natural mind.
In an instant of comprehension of the true nature of things, our
spiritual selves may find their Higher Power intuitively. Most of us
regard and call it God. It is many things, of many forms, to many of
our people.
We have come to know God as our good and orderly direction, our
ultimate authority and the force within all creation. God is the source
of all love and benevolence. All that is good is the work of a creative
source we know as God.
We find this intuitive insight where it rests: in our hearts. It is there
as well that we find the power to trust in the surety that as we come
to believe we will find faith and wisdom.

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