The Conference Approval Adventure

Nervous. Yeah that’s the way I felt. It was gonna be me, the brochures and the book in front of about 60 people, all apprehensive of the first attempt anyone has made to introduce a new work for the long trek to conference approval; they say it can take ten years – I’ve already got six in writing and as I reflect, there’s am adventure novel in the process, with chapters developing.

So I might as well log some of the developments with you here tonight,..and you’re not gonna believe this; these strange occurrences with deja-vu instances of the universe’s benevolent influences.

I’d invited three speakers for moral support and to take the attention off of me, but when I walked into the meeting room, the local inter-group secretary who had become a compatriot was spooked. “I don’t know if I can have anything to do with this anymore Jay,…..these people are crazy.” She seemed apprehensive and I wondered if there were harsh and threatening comments.

My GSR walked up and said that there might be a spiritual explosion when my motion came up. Okay, this put a damper on things – right? So I made sure they both knew that I would go ahead anyway. It seemed even the lunatic woman who had been a volunteer at the office who told me, “people usually give their services to the fellowship” (you know, I just love unsolicited advice, especially when its unprovoked and you’re trying to be polite) – “yup”, she was there. When I tried to introduce a discussion of the traditions a few days earlier, she told me that I was acting like a salesman and “didn’t want to talk with me anymore.” (I’ll be quiet about the Medusa-like snakes growing out of her head).

The “trusted servants” officiating sent the motion back three times for modification saying it did not conform to procedure. I hand altered it while my GSR nervously twitched. In spite of the “Fan Club” and the efforts to kick it for procedure, it looked like we might go ahead.

One of my speakers continued to smile saying, “Don’t worry honey, everything is in God’s hands.” I didn’t have the heart or the cynicism to say that – my God didn’t have hands.

It looked like I would get shot down within seconds of take-off and it was an hour and a half later while they were still talking about display cabinets for archives that my guests started wilting like roses in a 113 degree L.A. Wedding. They were cooked.

I pulled the plug and we packed-up and left. We were walking down the stairs when I discovered that one of my speakers had night blindness and couldn’t find the stairs. I guided her down but my frustration was mounting.

They called my motion up moments after I left, as I would find out later.

So it’s patience and tolerance, signing to me like Paul Simon in “Sound’s of Silence” reminding me of their antithesis, my flaws, but ‘whaddya know’ – I got lucky. They gave me what I wanted oddly enough.

I get a chance to go out to the groups and present the book and brochures, as well as sell to those who will buy. We’ll come back next month and try it again when everyone has had a chance to digest the work and deal with the conference approved prejudice.

Here’s the best article I can find right now on this very misunderstood principle. For a benign anarchy, the perfect democracy, we certainly have a lot of rules,….errrr,…guidelines.

I can’t get the link to work so you’ll have to paste it – it’s worth it.

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