Nothing Changes Unless Something Changes

Now less than two weeks after receipt from the printers, things are starting to change.

I had no idea of the costs involved in Self-Publishing, especially when it comes to trying to attract attention with respect to the suggestion of Tradition XI, “Our public relations policy is based on attraction rather than promotion;…..” People have their own opinions as to what those two terms mean, and it seems that it is often situationally synonymous if they are in attack mode.
So far, it’s black or white. They either like the book,……. or they’re crazy and just looking for something to focus their insanity on.

They told me long before I got here that I would have to grow a snake-skin to deal with the uhmmmm, “variety” of responses.
I just try to keep focused on the people who are telling me they think its good, and that it has been useful to their spiritual balance. Reward enough, but I still have to pay for the costs, and where I started here about Self-Publishing comes sharply to focus.
Set-up, printing this and that, design services and this, to say nothing of the percentages the publishers interested want for their marketing,…..60-70%????

There is a plethora (Fall Word) of information out there in book- land, but actually very little of consequence that has been written about recovery, that is – other than the “hey c’mere, I know how you should do it here’s my glowing insight and direction.”
Living the 12 Steps of Recovery, One Day at a Time is a collection of daily meditations, in a classic revival of our principles: The 12 Steps and Traditions.

Yes, there is carefully selected original work in two additional Appendices on Prayer and Meditation, but the bulk of the book is the message we all have been carrying for 75 years.

No one has done this before and although I bring a classic revival, there is the usual instant fear-anger response which I thought would’ve been one of,….”well, okay, we’ll look at it and let you know.”

The dart throwers never read anything, they just throw darts, in the misconception that they are the protectorate of the fellowship – or maybe just plain out there.

One of the definitions for change is to: “become transformed.” In other words, dressing the same faithful body of principles in a different style of packaging.

That’s what I’ve tried to do here, and many more have appreciated my efforts than those who have not without even reading the work.

As to them, nothing changes unless something changes. Not my problem – gotta roll ’em off.

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