Book Banning and Restrictions – Is This Really A.A.?

It’s one of THOSE days  -“today-at-a-time.” I am a regular poster on Staying Cyber, an A.A. “approved” on-line meeting and probably will remain so, even as a result of this story I’ll tell.

Seems the steering committee, (A.A. Police) has decided that my putting my web-sites link into my personal data, (not on the posting boards) is “selling” non-conference approved literature on the site and they made me take it down.  This was preceded by a charming member who addresses every one as “Morning Glories”! (yechhhhhh) told me, (in her most spiritual manner) that I was “pimping” my book.

I felt like a bunch of ridiculous conservative bureaucrats had mandated a new interpretation, just for me. (Poor me, poor, poor me another drink!)

While I see a point in an obvious commercialization of what is the 12th step work, this book is what makes it possible. It’s not like I am going: “Hey, give me $20 and I’ll make you sober”! First, the great majority is costs and I won’t even see a dime until I sell 300 books.  Damn! “The laborer is worth his hire.”

This is what Barefoot Bob. (Dec 2000) had to say about this sort of self-righteous action on the part of so-called trusted servants:

“If you were to ask me what is the greatest danger facing A.A. today, I would have to answer: the growing rigidity — the increasing demand for absolute answers to nit-picking questions; pressure from G.S.O. to ‘enforce’ our Traditions; screening alcoholics at closed meetings; prohibiting non-Conference-approved literature, i.e., ‘banning books’; laying more and more rules on groups and members.”

The spirit of real old time AA is being destroyed as more and more people are beginning to ignore one of Bill Wilson’s favorite sayings: “Every group has the right to be wrong.”

I am so with the ‘Bobster’ in spirit, (and that’s all that’s left of him – his words) finding myself getting righteously-indignant with this —– action.

( I won’t say it, I WON’T SAY IT!…………………….. one-two-three-four-five,….etc.  🙂

This, especially when another member has a Surf Site with a store and shopping cart on the inside! He must be special!

Okay, you’re probably gonna say,” the wheels of change turn slow,…so very slow,..and what’s a few more years to a 6 year hawg”? I guess THEN I tell you back that Wal-Mart, Bookends, Kindle, Amazon, B&N don’t CARE if it’s conference approved. But I do, as its about carrying the message first and the money next. But “Art for Art’s sake, Money for God’s sake”! (LOLOL)

I am trying to do this the right way, (or at least my perception of it at the moment) and I’ll hold-off on taking the T.V. WWF Wrestling adjacencies for 10 second cable spots on how to cure Alcoholism like that guy from California.

It’s progress not perfection – right? It’s the next indicated or right thing – right? It’s this kind of stuff that is getting on my nerves – RIGHT?

A.A. made $10,500,000.00 gross profit last year on their literature, (source box 459 quarterly 2009 finance report) and that’s more than their contributions side of their revenue.

We press on in the lessons of patience and tolerance – Now THAT’S real A.A.

Book Banning? Uh-uh.

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